Our Friends

The following is a list of friends we have met and learned from along the way.  Each is impressive in their own way, so check them out:

American Red Cross Volunteer Lifesaving Corps

Founded in 1912, the mighty ARCVLSC has been protecting the beaches of Jacksonville Beach, FL.  The last of its kind in the US, this is the organization from which many of our members come, and its teachings of being vigilant and responding “regardless of time or place” formed the foundation for our international efforts.


Appalachian Center for Wilderness Medicine

Founded by our own Wilderness Medicine guru turned water safety expert, Dr. Seth Hawkins, this organization has taken east coast wilderness medicine to the next level by providing local conferences, certification courses, and events.  No longer do our low-altitude lungs need to endure Rockie Mountain heights just to learn how to splint a fractured femur with camping supplies.


Olas Peru

These Peruvian surfers have found themselves needing to make improvised rescues while surfing, so they were stoked to hear about our courses in Lima. So much so they canceled all their weekend charters so that they could attend. In addition to surfing news and photos, their website also hosts some basic first-aid and aquatic rescue information. Check it out!


The Nile Swimmers

Met some folks from this group in Vietnam, and they are doing some great work.  Here is their self-description from their website: “The Nile Swimmers initiative is a unique and innovative program aimed at reducing rates of drowning on the River Nile and the surrounding area. We also promote sustainable peace by bringing together people from different backgrounds, often previously engaged in or affected by conflict.”


Rob Brander – The Science of the Surf

Known as Dr. Rip, Rob is a very enthusiastic Rip Current expert who hails from Australia.  He has contributed greatly to the understanding of ocean currents and has done some fascinating research.  He also just recently released an e-book version of his book “Dr. Rip’s Essential Beach Book”.


Project Ecuador

This organization is the idea of Paul Dunning, an ocean lifesaver from Long Beach California.  He established the group to train local Ecuadorians in open water lifesaving.  Each year, Ecuador has a 4 day festival called “Carnival” during which insane crowds flock to the beach.  Paul has played a pivotal role in minimizing drowning injuries and death during this event.  In 2010, our organization was lucky enough to be invited to Ecuador to assist in the Carnival operations.  Thanks Paul!


Rescue 3 Europe

If you want to get totally pumped about saving lives, talk to Dan Graham, a trainer with Rescue 3 Europe, which specializes in swift water rescue training.  He is one of the insanely talented individuals we met in Vietnam.  Check out the training events they put on in Europe, which we are hoping to be a part of in the future.


Royal National Lifeboat Institute

Had to give a shout out to RNLI, mainly because we are very jealous of their resources and the job they get to do.  Met these guys in Vietnam and  were blown away by what their institute has to offer for training rescue boat operators.


Dr. David Szpilman

Dr. Szpilman is an individual the drowning community owes a lot to.  He developed an impressive system drowning treatment centers in Brazil to specifically devoted improving the treatment of drowning victims.  Through these centers, he collected some amazing data which he used to develop drowning victim evaluation and treatment strategies.  His site is full of very useful information.


FTS Creations

Jacksonville – based multimedia company responsible for our new website.  Talented group of motivated, creative guys.  Contact them for any website/photography/video/public relations needs.



Foundation started by the father of a child who suffered anoxic brain injury due to drowning to raise awareness of non-fatal drowning and the need for better statistics.