Dr Martin Hedstrom Memorial Awards

Martin Island and SharkIn honor of our friend, the late great Dr Martin Hedstrom (seen here teaching his son how to play with sharks) , LWB is giving away 3 memorial awards: a $500 undergraduate scholarship, a $1,000 postgraduate scholarship, and a $1,500 project grant.

Martin was a consummate waterman and charter member of Lifeguards Without Borders. He embodied everything we strive to be when we go beyond our comfort zone to bring lifesaving equipment and education to those who need it most. His family worked in international adoption, and through the family agency Martin had traveled to more countries and seen more of the how beautiful (and cruel) the world could be before he graduated high school than most people ever experience.

Throughout his travels, he resolved to always help people and never stop exploring. He did more than simply admire the characters of Hemingway, Twain and the like; he emulated them. He always had a new exotic address in the South Pacific or the Caribbean. He always had a new scar or big fish story. He worked as an ocean lifeguard in Jacksonville Beach, served his community as a volunteer lifesaver, and, afterwards, rescued more than a few lucky tourists who happened to drown where Martin liked to surf and fish.

Unfortunately, shortly after completing medical school and while his wife was pregnant with their third child, Martin’s life was cut short when he died unexpectedly while undergoing cardiac surgery.

We aim to honor the legacy of Dr Martin Hedstrom by seeking out and supporting like-minded individuals who share the values and sense of adventure Martin lived by in their pursuit of higher education in the fields of emergency medicine and/or drowning prevention. Reducing the global burden of fatal and non-fatal drowning requires more than just lifeguards. We need engineers, doctors, lawyers, prehospital personnel, community organizers, behavior experts, and big picture people all working together. In Martin’s honor, Lifeguards Without Borders is offering two scholarships and a project grant to individuals committed to taking a fresh approach and using their unique skill sets to reduce the burden of drowning locally and globally.

Click here to visit the Dr Martin Hedstrom Memorial Awards page for more details on how to apply.

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