Samuel Morris Foundation

Samuel Morris Foundation

The Samuel Morris Foundation was founded by the father of an Australian child who suffered anoxic brain injury due to drowning. The goal of the foundation is focused around not only minimizing the rate of drowning injury, but also advocating for better care for those who have already suffered such an injury. Visit Foundation Website
We had the opportunity to teach Ocean Safety to 245 at risk children, which gave them the confidence to enjoy the ocean, when we teamed up with  the ARC Project during their Surf Camps and Water Safety Camps the summer of 2013.   The ocean is something we take for granted but, many have not had the opportunities we have been given in this regard.   Taking the time to share our knowledge and instill a love of the ocean with these children is the essence of our mission!


In October 2013, Dr Andrew Schmidt was invited to lecture on drowning at the European Association of Surfing Doctors' Conference on Surfing Medicine in Sagres, Portugal.  While there he also assisted in conducting basic open-water rescue courses for the conference participants.


In the fall of 2013, we travelled along with our friends at the International Surf Lifesaving Association ( to conduct lifeguard training in Michigan.  Thanks to ISLA for including us!


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  • In 2009, we conducted an advanced course for members of the Peruvian National Police and Peruvian Association of Volunteer Lifeguards, with the aim of training their most qualified lifeguards to become trainers.


In 2011, we joined our friends at Project Ecuador to conduct lifesaving instruction and provide additional resources for the busy Carnival week.

Ecuador 2011

In 2013, our friends at the International Surf Lifesaving Association ( invited us to join in providing open water lifesaving training in Macedonia.  Our member, Taylor Anderson tagged along and helped to provide a very professional and effective training session.

Macedonia 2013

Macedonia Macedonia Macedonia Macedonia Macedonia