About Us

Lifeguards Without Borders

We are a non-profit organization composed of lifeguards and health care professionals who are devoted to doing their part, through domestic and international training, program development, and research, to lessen the global burden of drowning.

Course Feedback

"The material definitely opened my eyes to the way in which we treat drowning patients. The material was concise and applicable to our work. In reality we have all been taught differently, but your presentation steers one to an undeniable truth. Also just the general classification system you refer to is far more applicable than the incorrect 'near-drowning'"
- Ashley Henley

"The step by step overview from what to do initially (even in the water) and then throughout the situation was great. The combination of lecture slides with medical information, movies and other types of media made the lecture very dynamic and interesting. It was very easy to concentrate on the lecture throughout its length, even early in the morning!"
-Ariel Crocker

"Prioritizing care for a hypoxic patient due to drowning is something that should be addressed in medical protocols in all agencies. I've taken the information provided and requested a meeting with our EMS division chief and medical director to see if we can improve care for our patients in drowning resuscitation efforts."
-Frank Mavigliano

"...my dad received life saving treatment from the paramedics and they had just attended a seminar from Lifeguards without Borders and this is the reason he survived. His recovery went perfectly! "
-Suzi Carstensen

"...our EMS used all your teachings, focused on airway and successfully resuscitated a significant drowning last week... Despite ~10 minutes in the water (friends didn’t notice at first she fell off the boat) with ? amount of underwater time despite hypoxia, AMS, significant amounts of foam, etc., she walked out of the hospital a couple of days later neuro intact.
-Heston LaMar, MD (Medical Director New Hanover County EMS)