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Lifeguard without Borders volunteers Matt Lydon Annie Garner and Team Leader Nicholas Frazier, headed out to Costa Rica for an open water life saving workshop with local authorities of Playa Dominical. ... See MoreSee Less

Lifeguard without Borders volunteers Matt Lydon An...

2 weeks ago  ·  

As you may see here, it is mentioned that this device may be used for drowning patients. Be very careful in time to indicate the miraculous equipment cases of drowning.
For use in drowning this is inappropriate. Why?

1. The amount of water vacuumed in the drowning is small, most of the water in the region of oropharynx comes from the stomach. Or is the aspiration of liquid would increase the drowning would bring water from the stomach
2. Negative sealed the aspiration of the airways may cause tissue damage ex-vacuum which would increase the tissue damage and may aggravate the very framework of drowning and in this case with bleeding deputy.

David Szpilman, MD
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Cuando alguien esté ahogándose, o si tú mismo e...

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